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7 Reasons Being Overweight Sucks

Obesity runs rampant in the United States, and there's no question why. We have places like Burger King and McDonalds on every street, and the best foods are always the worst and cheapest foods. I can make excuses, but in the end I'm one of those fatties. It sucks, and no matter how much people tell us that we should lose weight chances are were going to stay that way. Instead of judging us for our problem, perhaps people should just think about how much it sucks for us. Here are 7 things that I hope people can sympathize with, or at least other overweight people can laugh and shake their head in agreement to.

1. Buying Clothes is an Adventure

Overweight people have to keep up with their clothes, sometimes they lose a little and sometimes they gain a lot. You're never at a steady weight. What does this mean for clothes? You'll rip a lot of them, or feel pain in some of them. FInding clothes that fit is tough, because stores don't really stock up for people like us, meaning you'll have to go to a place that specializes is fat people. Those places are always more expensive. The worst part is, there isn't any point in buying anything really nice, either you'll be too big for it soon, or your hoping to lose weight and don't want to have to buy a new wardrobe.

2. People are Judging You

Seriously? Why is everyone looking at us? We get it we're big. Not only do we get stares of derision due to our largeness, but even those who care about us are constantly telling us it's unhealthy and we need to lose weight. We get it, we're fat, and we get it you think we should lose weight. Does anybody actually think fat people want to be fat? Stop judging us, we've got a problem and we know about. Rather than trying to change us, and in the process making us feel bad about ourselves and lowering our self esteem, why don't you be a friend and accept us for who we are.

3. You Can't Fit Into Small Places

I'm hit with a double-whammy here, being that I'm 6'2" and have massively broad shoulders on top of a well-rounded stomach. I barely fit in some bathrooms, or the kitchen where I'm staying which might be a good thing. There are times when I need to move a table or seat just so I can sit at the table at public restrooms. Bars suck, you have to squeeze between people to sit on a stool. Planes are horrific nightmares. I was once offered a car, but couldn't take it because I couldn't fit behind the wheel.

4. Diets Suck

You name it, I've probably tried it. Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, and Juice Fasts. Some of them work, but the process is hell and in the end if you don't live your life constantly examining everything you eat you end up gaining it all back. They cost more than living a normal life, and they often can harm your health even further. Living the rest of your life on a diet is unmanageable, and really just not fair.

5. Your Health Goes Down the Drain

Your legs hurt, your back hurts and you feel 30 years older than you really are. Also, your blood pressure and cholesterol are probably through the roof. Doctors are constantly warning you that you're at risk of a heart attack, or diabetes or some other terrible life threatening disease. As your weight swings due to the many diets you've tried, things get harder and your health continues to deteriorate. It's a vicious cycle.

6. Relationships are Tough

For so many reasons, finding a relationship is so much harder when your overweight. First of all, people are less attracted to you. Your dating pool is cut into tiny puddles the bigger you get. If your like me, and shallow, you also want someone good looking, which means those tiny puddles aren't actually enough for you. On top of being considered less attractive, being big means you've been judged, even bullied, for years and chances are your self confidence is in the gutter. So two things that are important in finding a mate, being attractive and having self-confidence are missing. Now you're depressed because you're lonely, so you'll just go and eat a tub of ice cream.

7. The Guilt

Oh the guilt... it's just a killer. The real reason we have high blood pressure, everytime we eat we have to stress about the fact that we shouldn't be eating. Seriously, you're at a special dinner enjoying yourself like everyone else, you just want a damn piece of cake like everyone else, but no. If you have that cake, and you will, you can't actually enjoy it because of the guilt. You want to watch your favorite TV show? Nope, get off the couch and work out you couch potato. At least that's what part of your brain is telling you, the only thing is you don't, and instead get to live with the feelings of guilt that you are the only reason you're fat.


Now that I've written all this, I'm feeling plenty of guilt about the fact that I really would like some M&Ms, and will probably go out and get a pack in a few minutes.


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