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Top 7 Easy Meals

There is a time in everyone’s life when they must leave the home of their upbringing and go forth in the world to fend for themselves. This crossroads is where so many young people begin to forage for food on their own, a process that can take an indeterminate amount of time to master. So, for those just starting out, here are seven easy to make meals: 

1. Cereal

There is no meal easier than cereal, which requires no preparation other than the transfer from the box to the bowl and, possibly, the pouring of milk, although the true cereal aficionados usually opt dry and the laziest of eaters, most times, forego the bowl in favor of a direct hand to mouth delivery system. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it was certainly scheduled at an inconvenient time; situated when the majority of people are least likely to prepare a well-portioned meal, which is where cereal comes in, offering an easy and occasionally healthy (depends on the cereal) alternative to a two course bacon and flapjack feast for people on the move.

2. Pasta

In a quick ten minutes – five to boil the water, five to cook the pasta – it is possible to have a gourmet Italian dinner for only the cost of a package of noodles and tomato sauce, though butter, vinegar and Italian dressing are all viable topping options as it is a very versatile food; the chicken of carbohydrates. Additionally, it also goes well with cheese and meat products since, after all, it is one of the primary ingredients in classics such as spaghetti and meat balls and macaroni and cheese and comes in a number of varieties for those concerned with aesthetic value. Easy to cook, high in nutritional value (it is a go-to meal for marathon runners all over the world) and affordable, pasta is the ultimate dinner for active people short on time and cash.     

3. Rice

A staple for so much of the world, rice, in both instant and slow cook forms, is a fairly simple and highly rewarding meal for anytime of the day that works well with a variety of different culinary fares ranging from Mexican to Chinese foods with almost every culture in between. Many cultures incorporate rice into so many meals that it is not uncommon for people the world round to eat the grain more than once a day, as it is an ideal side dish, complimentary to almost any main course, and hearty enough to anchor a meal.

4. Beans

More diverse in selection than any of the other previous entries, beans, once attained and soaked, I assume – I usually get my beans in cans from the store so I am not entirely sure of the exact process to make them edible – they are ready to eat cold or cooked, though warm beans are preferable and it rarely takes more than ten minutes to properly heat them up. Whether, the beans are black or pinto or refried or whatever, they would not be out of place next to almost any non-dessert item and, ask any wayward traveler for conformation, they are very much sustainable enough to constitute a meal solely on their own merits.  

5. Soup

Soup is the only liquid, I am aware of anyway, hearty enough to feed like a solid. Sure, there is chowder and stew and others of the sorts, though they all have a much thicker consistency and most times include food chunks a good deal larger than the ones found in a regular bowl of soup. So what is it about soup that makes it so nourishing, while also so light? Perhaps it is the added intangibles of cost effectiveness and easy preparation that make soup just that much more resounding in the stomach. Whatever it is, soup is an institution amongst easy to make meals.

6. Eggs

Eggs, for all their uses and diversity, are surprisingly easy to make and the perfect breakfast for anyone with an extra ten minutes in their morning, which is not to say that eggs are limited to before noon, a kind of yesteryear narrow mindedness, for, as many well know, they are applicable throughout the whole day. All that is required for preparation is a stove top pan (or sidewalk depending on the type of climate), a clean crack and, with a little subsequent spatula finagling, the result is sunny side up. For the adventurous, stir eggs beforehand for scrambled and hard boil for, well, hard boiled.

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

There were so many different sandwiches to choose amongst for this list, as I could not include all sandwiches due to many of them being difficult to prepare, but I never strongly considered anything other than Peanut Butter and Jelly; a sandwich, (whose ingredients, sans bread, are detailed in its name) that is difficult to mess up and always delicious. Whoever it was that first thought of combining the two spreadable pastes between two pieces of bread, I would very much like to shake his hand because he is a genius.


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